Friday, September 12, 2008

Logan Crawling

Here it is, our little man on the move! It's only been a day and it's hard to keep up with him. we really need to get the furniture moved out of this room. Really fast. He's now dust mopping the kitchen floor too. YUCK. While he may not be up on all fours, he's definately on the move! Here he is!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Logan on the move!

My little man is growing up so fast. He has officially learned to crawl. He's not up on his hands and knees moving yet, he only gets up and rocks back and forth, but that doesn't stop him. He army crawls EVERYWHERE. We aren't totally done babyproofing our one room yet, so if you take your eye off him for even a second he's into something he shouldn't be into. It's amazing. Here are a few pictures of him army crawling around the living room and the kitchen and his room and anywhere else he can get to.

I wasn't at Mark's bday party at his parents house becuase I was working, however here are a few pictures from the get together.

Grandma's got cool toys at her house!

Logan and his cousin Lily. How cute is it that they're holding hands!Aunt Loretta is making silly faces!
Daddy is making funny faces too!

Taking a nap with daddy.

Here are a few pictures of Grandpa Anthony with Logan. He loves his grandpa!

And a few of Logan and cousin Hannah

Tomorrow Logan and I start swim lessons at life center. He's been in the pool all week in preparation for it ( I wanted to make sure he wasn't too freaked out by the water) But he's a fish. He loves every second of it. He even puts his face in the water (I think trying to drink the water... gross I know.. but anyway) I can't wait to teach him to go under and stuff. Florida should be fun too in a couple weeks because the water will be nice and warm. That's all for now, take care!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just catching up!

So I don't have any new pictures to put up, but I'm sure I can find a few pictures that haven't been posted yet! Just thought i'd update on a few things.

Our number one challenge lately has been the gym. I joined this nice gym with an even nicer daycare and I can't get a full workout in to save my life. Logan always screams after about 15 minutes.... they can usually hold him off to 45 minutes, then they come get me. We're working on it, but I'm thinking this is mostly separation anxiety, because he's the best baby when I'm with him. He'll play by himself in his exersaucer or johnny jumper for at least an hour. I don't know, but I keep trying in hopes that one day he'll make it.

We start mommy and me swim lessons in a week from today. I can't wait. It should be a good time and Logan really likes the pool too the few tims we've been in it, so it should be a good time for all.

I am so bummed because I have misplaced my hotslings sling. I have turned the house upside down looking for it to take to disney. I have a water one, but I want the original one. Who knows. I'll either keep looking or buy a new one.

Logan is up on all fours now, rocking back and forth. He should be crawling anyday now. It's amazing how fast that happened. He is definately already moving. He gets where he wants to be that's for sure. I'm slowly but surely working on babyproofing. Hopefully I get it done in time.

Anyway, here are a few random pictures of Logan and the family. enjoy.
This is Logan and me down in KY visiting family.

Logan chilling on dad's recliner.

Logan doing tummy time playing with mommyLogan and Uncle Jeff

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So Logan went crazy in his exersaucer today. He absolutely loves it. And as you can tell from the last two posts, he loves to jump. If you hold him in your lap he jumps as well. Anyway, just a quick post to show off my little guy! Hope everyone is doing well. Keep in touch.!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Johnny Jumper

So my little man loves his johnny jumper so much. In fact, he spends hours/day between that and his exersaucer. The day of the pig roast, he was outside in his exersaucer playing nearly all day while we got stuff ready for the party. Whoever invented those are my hero. Here is a video today of him jumping in his johnny jumper this afternoon.

Then the little man got just a little to excited to be in his jumper, and bonked his head on the wall. I knew he'd gotten excited and was jumping and hugging the wall, but I didn't realize he'd banged his head until about 10 minutes later in the bath, and he had a huge knot on the right side of his forehead. Bad mom I know. But he didn't seem to mind. So now Logan is asleep in bed (which is great considering what I said in my last post that he wasn't sleeping anymore) with a little goose egg on his forehead. After I put him to bed I cried. Poor baby. But I'm sure it wont be his last bump or bang. I mean after all, he is a boy! Needless to say I moved the jumper about 2 feet farther away from the wall so that doesn't happen again.

Mark's out of town for the week which stinks, but the baby is asleep as I mentioned before. Maybe there is too much comotion with mommy and daddy here. Mark doesn't quite get the "quiet hour" before bedtime. He thinks every hour is playtime hour. I think keeping him up late for the pig roast and stuff was throwing him off. Not to mention the teething and separation anxiety we're going through right now. Hopefully things get better. I again only got 45 minutes at the gym until they called me because they couldn't take his screaming anymore. Poor baby! There are more toys at the daycare there then he could ever dream about having at home, but all he wants is his mommy! I do have to remember I am blessed with a wonderful, healthy baby who couldn't be more perfect no matter how many times he keeps me up at night or cuts my workout short. I love him more than life itself!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pig Roast and Mark's birthday

Okay, so our camera skills are lacking for this post, but it's information that belongs in a family blog. So yesterday we held our annual pig roast and bonfire. We had an excellent turnout with TONS of food as always. People are always so generous when it comes to doing the "pot luck" format that we do for it. We had some of the best pasta salads ever, and apparently the cheesy potatoes from Mark's brother Steve were a hit because they were gone before I got to them.

It also happened to be Mark and Jeff's birthday so we had a cake and all sang happy birthday to him around nine pm. It turned out really nice. I went to sleep around 1am and there were still people here. Mark came to bed around 2:30 or 3. Cleanup wasn't too bad this am either. People helped out a lot last night and made everything really easy for today. Our back garage is full of chairs and table and lots of other stuff, but overall, it was a great night.

Now, the biggere issue, since we went to Niagara falls with Logan, he absolutely refuses to go to sleep on his own. It's torturous. We do his regular bedtime routine, and put him in bed and he screams bloody murder for a long time. After about 30-45 minutes we've been picking him up. Occasionally we're able to get him back down, but twice now he's refused and we've given up around 1 or 2 am and let him sleep with us. This is a cry for help. Anyone with parenting advice please let me know what you think. What is going on with my baby?

Also, gym daycre. I join this really nice gym and Logan screams the whole time I'm gone at daycare? I'm thinking this is stranger anxiety but I'm not 100% on this one.

I kind of want to be done breastfeeding too, but Logan is so attached to it especially before bedtime. GRRRRRR!

Overall, this parenting thing is hard. But we're surviving.

I will get some pictures that my dad took from our little event up shortly.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's getting so big! A random assortment of pictures. I can't belive my little man is 7 mo old already. Where in the world does time go? I can't believe it! Here is a random assortment of photos. More to come later. Busy getting ready for the big pig roast this weekend. If you're in town, you should come!

"Yum, I like to put things in my mouth because my teeth are in the process of coming in." Give me that I'll eat it."
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